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Re: I got in a rhubarb with an inspector

Barry Irby
In 1986 when I started in the inspection business, I found three houses with rotted band boards at deck in the first week. Went to the County Building Officials to discuss it with them. They had every excuse in the world. "Three!, we could show you thirty!", "those houses are over two years old, we got nothing to do with that.", "We just enforce the Code they Give us, not our job to make the Code better." Took a lot of years for the Code to catch up. Rotting band boards was stock in trade for me.

Knowing all that I would have either "secretly" removed a piece or two of that insulation or probed right through it. I am sure I found more than a thousand cases of rotting under doors and between the house and the deck. If I was doing two or three inspections a day, I found it every day.

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