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Schlage keypad locks

John K Jordan
I use nothing but Schlage locksets.

For external doors I like the keypad deadbolts with lever handles so I can open the door with my elbow. I don't even install lockable handles/knobs but use passthrough levers. I have four at the house and two at the shop.

A huge bonus of using the keypad locks is when I'm out around the farm I never have to carry a key to get into the shop.

I've probably bought 10 of these:
And these:

My experience with Schlage customer support has been positive. I had a minor infant mortality problem with one lock I had in storage. They sent a new one immediately, over night, no charge, and didn't even want the other one returned. Never asked about serial numbers, warranty, or sales receipt.

BTW, the mechanism is very clever. A 9V battery powers a tiny motor which rotates a spring which acts sort of like as a rack gear to engage/disengage a linkage between the locking knob and the deadbolt. The spring is flexible so that part of the mechanism doesn't need precision components or lubrication. The 9V battery on the lock on the shop used multiple times a day lasted over four years.


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