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Barry Irby
Doble check with the termite inspector. See if you can find one you trust. Locally the seller provides the termite inspection. Might be good to find one of your own so they are not associated with the seller.

What is the foundation? Locally it would be cinder blocks and they can be drilled and treated internally. Concrete may be the norm where you are. Don't think they can be treated internally. The block bothers me because the termites can use the interior of the blocks as a bypass to the foam.

You might be wise to spray/soak the ends of the joists right up to the foam with BoraCare. It supposedly will penetrate to the center of a 12x12" beam, so it may soak far enough to protect the ends of the joists from rot and insects. Hopefully the sill is treated wood? The band is not critical, technically it is not structural.

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