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Barry Irby
I was a builder and then a Home Inspector for over thirty years. As a builder I was very interested in super insulation. Still look at the stuff going on with interest.

You have hit on my exact objection to sprayed foam. As Inspector I wanted to be able to inspect. The termite aspect is disturbing. I am sure termites are worse here (VA) that where you are. You did not say where the house is. Locally the Termite reports are a little vague and slippery. There will be an explanation that it is visual only and only of the parts that are readily visible WITHOUT removing anything including insulation.

Some companies do ONLY termites, some do Wood Destroying Insect, and some do Wood Destroying Organisms. I have watched the Termite guys look right at rot or Powder Post Beetles and say "We got nothing to do with that". Locally the bank may have a lot to do with which service you get.

The other aspect to foam is it may also conceal roof leaks or plumbing leaks until what could have been a minor problem is a disaster.

You are in the realm of Building Science. Builders are being dragged kicking and screaming into super insulation and experimenting on their victims. The results may take years to show up and by then any warranty may have expired.

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