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Barry Irby
Back in the 70's and 80's I was a builder. Built a lot of plywood sided houses. Used a lot of 9' plywood siding. Got it from a local lumber yard, not one of the Borgs, but a real lumber yard. They stocked 8', 9', and 10'. Whomever their buyer was could not grasp why they always ran out of 9' first. They bought 80% 8', and 10% of each of the other two. The buyer knew in his heart of hearts plywood is SUPPOSED to be 8', and anyone who paid extra to get longer lengths was an idiot and clearly did not know what they were doing. The fact that 9' would cover the studs and the band was meaningless to him. I begged him to increase the 9' to 20% but he would have none of that. Much of mine was then special order and factory stained. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

Try ordering your plywood from a real lumber yard, if you can find one.

Other than that, go ahead with your plan. Do be careful to protect them from getting too wet. Frame and panel are notorious for having water sit in the grooves and rot things.

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