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E Phillip Smith
I'm a old tool junkie. Enjoy collecting and working on vintage woodworking equipment as much as woodworking. During the 80's I purchased a new Powermatic 100 planer. At the time it was the most expensive machine in the shop. For a home machine it is very difficult to beat. Small foot print, heavy cast iron frame and table and well machined. That said a few years ago began looking for larger planer something in the 18" or larger range. Asian import was not on the list. During quest looked at all of the vintage machines, Powermatic, Newman, Oliver, Cresent, Whitney, etc. Finally found a Newman 600 24" finish planer locally at a fair price. it fits the curve below.

As part of the search of looking at essentially all of the vintage planers I collected data on all of them, weight, footprint, cutter head size etc. What became clear is that the designers put a premium on mass and cutter head diameter.

When you plot planer weight versus cutter head length you find that the planers weight is approximately cutter head length raised to the 2.55 power. ie cutter length^2.55. ie a Powermatic 100 would expect to weigh 400 to 500 lbs, Powermatic 18" will be in the 1300 lb range and a 24 in Newman will be north of 3000 lbs.

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