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David Yoho
Barry said - I have about a 1000 bf or white oak and more walnut, cherry, and poplar that will eventually have to get planed. I occurred to me that if I run that pile of oak through that little planer it will be the end of the planer.

I took that to mean he had all that but didn't need to plane it all at once. The bigger heavier machines are nice for production work if you have the budget and space -- both of which Barry sounds short of. I know I've dressed at least that much through my 13" planer over time and it's still solid as the day I bought it.

I still stand by my point of jointer capacity versus planer capacity. How are you going to joint a flat face on a 12" wide board on a 6" jointer when prepping stock for a panel much wider. I'd guess most of us joint no wider than the capacity of our jointer, plane to thickness, and glue up.

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