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John in NM
Aligning knives used to be easy, but still took an hour or so. This was when everyone still had jack screws in the head and you used a dial indicator on a surface gauge to set each knife parallel to the bed and a consistent distance above. With practice you could get to within +/-0.0005", which is vastly better than any woodworker would need. Quick and dirty I used to aim for +/-0.003" and it would take an hour to do all three knives and was still vastly better than anyone would need.

Then those "planer pal" jigs came out and the job could be done to +/-0.010" or so (maybe a little better depending on how well the jig was initially set up) and everyone who had a jig tossed out the jack screws and replaced them with springs.

Then the preindexed knives in lunchbox planers came along (with Byrd style preindexed cutters for the pros) and those little jigs disappeared.

These days, good luck finding anyone who knows how to set a knife on an old machine :D

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