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Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
"What I really need is a kick in the pants to get moving on the next piece of furniture."

I was inclined to say that but resisted.

Aligning knives is a pain if they are sent out for sharpening. I can understand anyone seeking a better solution. It could be a segmented head or a "Disposal Insert" which I have from a reliable source work well even for a commercial shop in an industrial machine that planes a lot. Personally, I don't experience problems planing that would justify a spiral head just for surface quality. But I don't plane much knoty or foreign lumber.

Used Delta and Powermatic 12-13" or even 18" planers are available and they are a last- a- life time machine of equal of better quality than the Griz' etc. I can understand upgrading to one of these used machines that would be about the same price as a new bench top.

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