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Barry Irby
Several of you mentioned taking an 1/8" with a larger planer. My lunch box will only take a 1/16" on a good day. It's a PITA to keep running the same boards over and over.

This is a funny process for me. I think my thinking has slowed down with age. I bought some Festools including a Domino. It was stressed how important hooking it up to a vacuum was. I convinced myself to buy a Festool shop vac because it would fit under the workbench in a cubby hole and my Rigid vac would not. Had the Rigid hooked up using the combined switch that turned the the vac on with the tool. Worked great but the vac would not fit in the cubby. A week or two after I paid $700 for the Festool vac I noticed there was a cart sitting next to the bandsaw that I could have rolled out of the shop and put the Rigid in it's place. That would have been an excellent location for the vac, actually better than the cubby. My conclusion is that I must have just wanted the Festool vac. Excuse me, Dust Extractor whatever they call it.

It might be that same thinking that is convincing me I NEEED a bigger planer.

I have noticed I can buy Dewalt planers all day long on Craigslist.

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