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Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
We ran our hardwood lumber business with a Delta 13" planer. A typical order was for 100-200 bdft of planed oak. To get the quality of finish we desired it took 4 trips through the planer to yield a 13/16" finish planed board. About 20,000 bdft of lumber went through this machine before we upgraded to an 18" Powermatic. The 18" planer enabled us to typically run two boards at a time which doubled capacity on a time basis.

For ease of storage in the lumber racks it was common for us to skip dress an entire pack of lumber (500-1000 bdft) upon delivery. I am not impressed that planing a total of 1000 bdft of lumber is any great task demanding a high capacity machine.

Presuming your lumber stash is log run, if you sold it all the proceeds would not pay for the planer.

At the glacial rate I build stuff now days I might plane as much as 200 bdft of lumber per year.

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