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Re: Talk me down out of the trees....

Hank Knight

Several posters have commented on the need for jointer capacity to match your planer capacity. I'm in that camp. Having a 20" planer doesn't do you much good unless you have a way to flatten rough lumber before you send it through the planer. I would love to have a 20" planer, but I have a tiny shop and no room for such a machine or a big old wide jointer to go with it. Don Stephan mentioned combo jointer/planer machines. That was my answer. I had a little Inca 10" J/P for 25 years that I loved. I traded up several years ago to a Hammer 12" combo J/P. What a great move that was. I now have a 12" planer aand a 12" jointer in my little shop. The Hammer is a serious, powerful machine, much more robust and really a different class machine altogether than my little Inca. My only regret is that I didn't get Hammer's 16" model with their new segmented cutter head. It's not much bigger than the 12" one and it would fit nicely in my shop. For a small shop, I don't think you can beat a combo machine. They are a little pricy, but you get a lot of bang for your buck.

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