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Larry Clinton At Frankfort, (Central) Indiana
I personally have found the 20" stationary planer to be Snipe free with reasonable care. I could never achieve this with my older Dewalt 12" Bench top. My 20" is much quieter, and I can take a heavier cut, but I never take more than 1/8" anyhow. I have a 30' X 30' shop.

I do have almost all of my equipment on mobile bases, when I plane something of extreme length, I open my shop garage door and move the planer to a position where the board can exit the door. I have planed a 16' board in that manner, though it is very rare I do that as I normally cut down the length to suit my project prior to joining and planing.

I might "skip" plane one side of a rough board prior to shortening to see the grain and defects. After using a small bench-top planer for several years, the difference in using the 20" stationary is like night and day.

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