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Couple Things....

David Yoho
I was hoping the Bigger planer wudl take a bigger bite and get he job done faster.

I'm not sure taking a bigger bite with a large planer yields a smooth finish. Maybe it would but I'd think you wouldn't want to take more than 1/8-inch off at a time. Perhaps someone with a large planer will weigh in on this.

Another thing to think about is your current setup already has you planning wider stock than your jointer will handle. Going wider for a planer only makes sense if you can joint the same first.

Given you have the sanders, those should take care of any panel needs.

I've owned and used a 13-inch Delta two speed planer for many years and fed a tremendous amount of stock of various types through it without replacing anything but blades. I've never felt the need for anything more given I have an eight inch jointer and don't have a commercial shop. Maybe save some money and buy the wider Dewalt with a Shelix head and call it a day.

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