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The griz planer does have a spiral head....

Barry Irby
and you are correct, it is not a Shelix.

I converted my a 40 something years old Rockwell jointer to a Shelix head And I like it. Since I have a Shelix head in the jointer I would like to have one in the planer also. I was thinking about seeing if Grizzly would substitute one for me.

While I am not planing to plane the whole 1000 feet of oak in one go, I do plan on using the planer for a long time and lots of other wood also.

A fifteen inch might be good. I was considering running panels through it so a 20 might be better.

But then I have a Performax 16/32 and a 24" grizzly Dual drum sander. Maybe that's where the panels should go.

I have the older two knife Dewalt planer. Wonder if it can be converted to the Shelix head and if it would be wise to spend the money on a 10 or 12 year old machine. I have already replaced the roller bearings once. Doesn't the Byrd head require more power?

I was hoping the Bigger planer wudl take a bigger bite and get he job done faster.

Mark, congrat's on the new shop. Got any details you would be willing to share?

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