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Re: Belt Sander Recommendation

Jim Dillon
Stuart, I've had my Bosch 4x24 for maybe 18+ years and it has been a work horse. I also have a sanding frame and built a fixture to hold the sander horizontally and use that a lot. Dust collection is pretty good when attached to a shop vac. I've sanded a lot of hardwood flooring (yes, I'm a masochist !) while using the sanding frame and the motor never got more than warm to the touch. The 4x24 sander is not a lightweight sander so keep that in mind if you ever intend to use it overhead etc.. Barry is right. Do NOT buy a "lifetime" supply of sanding belts (as I did) no matter how great the sale price. The adhesive holding the belt together does not age well. I'm puzzled by the overheating of your nearly new sander. Sorry it happened. Jim

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