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Re: Belt Sander Recommendation

Barry Irby
I have a Porter Cable 4 X 24. It replaced the Craftsman version of a 4 x 24 from way back. I like it. Would buy it again. I made a stand for it that lets it sit upside down and serve as bench top sander. I don't use it as much anymore now that I have a larger disk/belt combo.

It is heavy but that is good in that you just let the sander do the work. I like the wider belts because they seem to have less tendency to leave "snake trails". Dust collection on it works pretty well.

PS. I made the mistake of buying a lifetime's supply of belts. Don't do that. They age out just sitting on the shelf. Put a four or five year old one on the machine and it basically explodes when you set it down. I called the company that made them and they said "Oh yeah, they only last about a year." I think they should have a use by date on them.

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