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What caused the gap? ()

Joe in a Cleveland suburb
Things are getting a little mixed up in my head now, but...

"Was one, or more, edge concave of convex? "
One edge, the jointed edge was concave.

Also not clear is whether you jointed after the sawing.
I did not joint after sawing. I jointed one edge, then put that jointed edge against the table saw rip fence the get a clean straight parallel opposing edge. I used a glue line rip blade.

If both edges are straight, but rough, I simply joint each edge. For each successive board in a panel I alternate whether the show face is against the fence to cancel any error caused by the fence not being exactly orthogonal to the blade tip.

For some reason I was not jointing the sawn edge. Maybe I was creating a problem somehow by not doing that. Normally I would joint both edge. I alternate the boards as you describe.

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