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What caused the gap?
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Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
Was one, or more, edge concave of convex? The solution to each situation is fundamentally different. Also not clear is whether you jointed after the sawing. Lack of details made diagnosing this problem speculative.

How I prepare edges:

If both edges are straight, but rough, I simply joint each edge. For each successive board in a panel I alternate whether the show face is against the fence to cancel any error caused by the fence not being exactly orthogonal to the blade tip.

If one edge is concave and the other convex (because the board is crooked) I joint the concave edge and saw the convex edged because it is easier to straighten a convex edge by ripping. Then I joint the sawed edge.

Feed rate has no effect on the straightness of result but may affect tear-out. I joint grain reversals at a snails pace to prevent tear-out and resume a steady feed in the straight grain sections.

This discussion illustrates that machines don't do all the work, nor run successfully on autopilot.

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