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Re: Stihl 020AV super
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Stihl 020AV super *PIC* ()

John in NM
There are tons of forums concerning saws and wood cutting. Some are very particular about "pros only" though, so look for a "homeowner" or similar subforum before going to the trouble of registering (some of them guys got multiple "chips" on their shoulders :D -- chainsaws throw the chips all over of course).

I'd try that for advice, some of those guys are very helpful.

Also - a lot of those old saws were intended to run 16:1 fuel. Try that first. I've seen modern saws killed by running 50:1 at moderate altitudes where there's not enough air to cool them - once they warm up they won't idle and they stall when goosed - no compression - but run fine when cold.

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