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He does not mention owning a jointer....
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I don't understand either ()

Barry Irby
Said he ripped them several times on the TS. If he had a jointer to use I suspect he would have tried that, but I think he is trying to do this with some sort of glue line rip blade. Never had much luck with those myself, but then I own a jointer.

Sprung joints are easy on a jointer. Set the depth of cut to about a 1/32". Put the lead end just past the cutterhead onto the outfeed table, press down firmly and joint to the middle. Turn it around and do the same thing, making sure to get to the first cut or overlap a little. If you started with a straight board, it will end up "sprung".

If you have a concave or sprung board, you can start in the middle and joint it both ways to knock the "high" ends off.

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