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Sliding dovetail questions

I have a few questions about cutting sliding dovetails with a router into a case side.
I have glued up my carcass and now want my drawer blades to be attached to the sides with sliding dovetails. I am following detailed plans but there is no information regarding this procedure.
Drawer blades are 7/8” thick as the sides are too. I am wanting to cut the dovetail dado 3/8” deep.

First question is what size dovetail bit should I use? I’m thinking 3/4”??
Can I run the router off one straight edge or should I have the base sandwiched between two fences? The length of the cut will be 2” in which is the width of the drawer blades.
After I have gone in 2” with the router can I back it out? Or do I turn it off as it is a stop cut and wait for the bit to stop?
Many thanks

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