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Mark Hennebury
Hi Derek,
I was not familiar with Eric Horst, but i just read the page that you linked to and the sentiment is the same.

I was self taught, so i made many mistakes, from lack of knowledge and lack of discipline. I did sloppy joints, and bad designs, that cupped and twisted and split, i persevered, driven to do better, I studied, analyzed and developed process and procedure and discipline. Other than a slip or some unforeseen occurrence I now have no excuse to make a mistake, I now know how to plan, manage and execute a job without error, so if i make an error it will be because of a lack of discipline, It will be 100% on me. It will be because of a moment of weakness. And it will make me furious.

I have a lot of respect for you and your work, and your courage to show when you make a mistake. And it is this reason that we are discussing these critical aspects of woodworking. After gaining knowledge and experience, attitude and discipline are what define how you operate and what you will achieve. You have to believe that you can achieve perfection to pursue it.

Alex is the poster child; Cool, calm, calculated, disciplined and focused. Poetry in motion. Alex gets no do-over, one mistake and hes dead. Motivation to all of us .

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