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Ten years old maybe just a good cleaning
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Dustmaker Mike
As stated before it might just need a good cleaning. Shut it down and take the case off. Evict the dust bunnies. After it is cleaned out leave the case off and turn it on. Look at the fans in the case and see if they are spinning really fast or sluggishly. Use compressed air to clean them. See if you can pin point the noise to a fan or hard drive. If hard drive, then a shop visit is necessary. If a fan I am pretty sure you can replace it your self with just a screw driver and one trip to a computer shop to get a new one. Just bring the old one with you. Mark the spot where it plus in so you don't forget. Leave it plugged into the wall while cleaning this will give any static a place to go if it happens. Touch the metal of the frame first then work away.

Check Youtube for instruction on how to remove your case cover.

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