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Thanks Ellis, Yes, I took a few ceiling joist out
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Keith Newton
I started by going out to the job site while it was being framed, and put down a few sheets of plywood on the floor that I drew a full-size pattern on right in the space where it would go. The house plan that they started with didn't have anything like this, so I had to modify some things like adding a pier under the landing zone, and extra gear to tie into on the upper landing. The long arcing curve of the balcony rail was my idea too. Then I brought the plywood pattern to the shop, cut plates and studs to bend around.

I had done the math and drawn the steps on the pattern at the job site, so I knew where where nose of each step ended, so I could measure up from the floor mark the height. I then could bend my pattern stock around and mark it, to establish the doglegs curving that my laminates needed to hit the marks.

The rise run ratio 18" in from the outside rail is something typical like 7.5" rise x 11" run, so it's easy to walk. But through the tightest part of the turn, the inside stringer would only have about 3" run, while the outside might be around 18". The stringers and railing laminate edges looked something like this ~ before they were glued together.

As luck would have it, I had taught a vacuum bagging course at the Arkansas Art Center. After it was over, some of the students talked me into teaching another more advanced class here at my shop. While that class project was going on, this project came through. Then because I'm such a nice guy, I gave the students the added bonus of letting them help me with parts of this at no extra charge, ha. It was great to have their help since by then, we were a pretty good team and had a lot of fun.

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