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Yes John, I really like that one. *LINK*

Keith Newton
My sister has a poster of it on the wall of her dining room, taken by her best childhood friend's son. The clean simplicity without embellishment really works for me.

Here is one I designed and built back in the mid nineties. It was a lot more difficult than might appear in that the curve as you look down on it from above is an ellipse rather than a smooth arc of a circle, so the pitch was constantly changing in inverse ways between the inside and outside stringers and handrail. For some reason I have the propensity to make things that look simple really hard. It's my secret formula for loosing money. ha. Most non woodworkers wouldn't appreciate how difficult just doing some of the details like winding the elliptical rail around the tapered elliptical newel post like a vine would grow around a tree, while it ties into rest.

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