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Another question about a Neutral in a 230 Circuit

Stephen Roth
I am wiring up my new Powermatic Planer, 230 Volt - Single Phase. So that I can use the same outlet as an adjacent tool, I am using a NEMA 14-30 4-wire outlet, and a 4-wire cord with matching plug. When the cord terminates at the planer, there is wiring for the 2 hots, and the ground, but no place for the neutral. The manual states that to wire the unit, I only need the 2 hots and ground (which is fine ... I understand that craziness of electricity).

My question is, what do I do with the unused neutral leg of the cord when it gets to the planer.... Screw it to the machine housing, or just cap it off with a wire nut?

Thanks in advance.

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