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Frame and panel side chest of drawers *PIC*

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
The objective was to make a chest of drawers for son in law from the logs he helped gather. Nothing worked out attractively for the side panel glued up as a panel. But, one 19" board was ideal for the panel in a frame and panel side. This style case is more labor to make and more opportunities to screw up so I don't gravitate to this early 1700's style unless driven to this construction. In additional to complexity, it requires rift sawn lumber for the frame and an attractive pattern for the panel, ideally one board with grain centered.

I hand chopped some of the mortises and machine cut others to speed things up (which didn't but that is another story).

The frame is "false coped". This approach involves cutting the molded edge off at the intersection of stiles and rail and mitering the intersection as shown above.

Picture 3 shows the result.

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