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Curious -- Spark risk *PIC*

Gary Smyth
Today I visited a knife maker friend who had a new 2 X 72 grinder. He was demonstrating the machine with carbon steel and the sparks were flying downward toward the floor which was dirt, but full of the detritus of wood and metal working. I suggested that there was the likelyhood of fire from the hot grindings. He scoffed and said that by the time the sparks cleared the wheel, within a very short period of time the material was cool before it hit the floor -- therefore there was no risk and he pointed out he had decades of experience.


This seemed to me to be both foolhardy and inaccurate. The stuff flying off of a grinder is hot enough to glow, so how could he be correct?. I did a brief internet search looking for the temperature and duration of grinder sparks, but so far, no luck.

Anyone have experience with grinding sparks. Anyone had a problem? Any data (besides common sense) to reject my knife maker's work habit? What type of floor is beneath your grinder??

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