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Some more details *PIC*

Svante Nilsson
Thanks for all comments! Sorry for Iate answer - I have been travelling.

Dimensions of the piece: L: 170cm/67inch, H: 80cm/32inch D: 40cm/16inch

The top/bottom and sides are bookmatched.

The doors are not heavy. The overall size is 50*50cm/20*20inch. Normally I prefer knive hinges but due to the irrigular shape, I have used ordinary butt hinges. The floating mirror/panel is one piece (bandsawed with a hight of 37 cm/14,5 inch).

Took a close up of the grain, but I can not see that the pores of the wood get filled with wax. I make my own wax from an old FWW recipe; boiled linseed oil, beewax and white spirits.

Regarding through or half blind dovetails I think both are decorative, but in different ways. I only manage through dovetails so the choice is easy….

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