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Sagging....I think not
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Side board *PIC* ()

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
Unclear how long this pieces is , guessing 6'. Also guessing bottom is 13/16" thick and depth 20". A piece of wood of this dimension will be boggling stiff. I can't imagine 50 pounds centered would flex it a perceptible amount. I doubt 100 pounds would flex it much. If it doesn't flex it won't sag over time.

No idea the internals of this piece. But if I had made it it would have a horizontal piece on edge, top and bottom across the back that the back would fasten into. These pieces would add substantial additional stiffness. Then if the back was tightly fit and glued in place there would be even more stiffness. Krenov used this engineering in his otherwise frail looking cabinetry to provide a robust result. It works.

Bottom line I am not concerned this piece will sag in the middle in typical use. The huge door on the other hand does concern me. It needs to be supported on its bottom when closed. Search for how Krenov handled door support for I think it a good idea that I implement on doors.

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