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Barry Irby
That front is fabulous. The thought and effort it took to keep it together and lined up is amazing. Congratulations.

I would have done a few things differently. I would have notched the legs slightly so the ends would have direct bearing. When I built mine out of heart pine (not nearly as spectacular) I used a torsion box or stressed skin panel for the bottom, flat on top and curved on the bottom.

On yours, while I am impressed by the dovetails on the drawers I would not have extended them through the front and interrupted the grain of that front.

I suspect it will sag over time. Consider a set of legs, perhaps lined up with the ends of the drawers. They could e front and back or maybe a single pair centered front to back. Recessing the legs might help to avoid the spider look.

Take none of this as criticism. Hopefully its constructive. Maybe one day I can build one that spectacular.

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