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Side board *PIC* ()

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
" It was fun to do the irregular frame and mirrors." don't understand this statement. Is the front, do you mean, book matched? How was the front assembled? The result looks like it is made from one unusually wide board.

"I have not loaded it with plates yet, perhaps i need to make a supporting leg in the middle." What is the framing inside? If it is simply a box it could sag. A horizontal board mortised into the back and attached to the bottom would stiffen the bottom. So would a tight fitting back glued in pace so as to be structural.

"Finished with 4 coats of blond schellac and wax." How does wax do on a porous wood like ash. Does it accumulate in the pores, and if not, how to avoid accumulation? I have a ash table I would like to wax but have been afraid to.

The doors are large, and presumably heavy. How hinged?

I would not have exposed the dovetails. They are distracting to my eye. But I may be the only person left on earth that doesn't regard dovetails as a visual design element.

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