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Re: A discussion of panel clamps

Barry Irby
It's good to know that Franklin has been at this a long time and has vast experience, gaining tremendous and relevant knowledge. Sometimes, with other products and companies, this is not true. Check Takata Airbags and General Motors door lock and ignition switches. Apparently corporate knowledge gets lost over time. It's also reassuring that Franklin's products are so good and forgiving that even us amateurs working with less than the best equipment and skills under imperfect conditions can produce glue joints that are entirely successful.

And thank you for posting this. For the last few weeks I have been thinking about making a glue up table/station and how I could fit it into my tiny shop. Also considering a bigger planer. Between this post and my previous response I spent some time looking for Dubuque Clamps. I may be ordering some later today. What length do you find most useful?

And, isn't the Internet amazing?

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