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Re: A discussion of panel clamps

David Yoho
Nice information, Bill. All those many years ago when I first started out in my home shop it would have been nice to know all that. All I knew for clamping panels was pipe clamps. In an effort to fit the budget I purchased the pipe clamp ends and used 3/4" rigid galvanized pipe. Soon I found that black pipe was stiffer and also didn't allow the clamp to slip when tightening.

While they worked, they were clumsy and heavy to use. Along came the Bessey parallel clamps, which were lighter, didn't stain the wood, and always clamped things square. I bought a bunch in various sizes in the course of time. I do own two long I-beam clamps that see limited use but valuable when real pressure and length is needed.

Those aluminum clamps you have would have been nice for a lot of the clamping I did but at the time I didn't know about them or their benefits. As much as I like my Besseys, they would have made my life easier had I known.

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