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Sadly, I did!
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Barry Irby
Several years ago I stopped at a local company that manufactures belts and bought a "lifetime" supply over the counter. 4 x 24,10 or 20 of each grit. All stocked up and good to go. Used a few. Life gets in the way. Go back to use them and they don't even last a second. Put the belt on, fiddle it in. Set it down and BAM! Shredded about five. On a Sunday. Called them on Monday and they said "Oh yeah, they only last a year at most.

I call BS on them. I have some ancient Craftsman belts I bought when I was a kid. They are completely worn out but have not failed. If your crap only lasts a year you should have a expiration date prominently on it. They made no suggestion of help. No bring them back, no we'll give you new ones for half price, nothing.

I am taking the shreds and making sanding mops out of them.

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