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Who Knew?

Mark Mandell - Gone Round In New Jersey
BPM [Before PerformMax] I laid in a stock of sanding belts for my 3x21 belter. Made a bunch of flat panels and worked through the grits from 40 to 320.

Had to make a table top for the grandkids to pound on and decided to use the belt after getting the P-Max "close" to flat.

All set up, shop vac connected, and start sanding. Didn't take more that 2 minutes when the 40 grit belt snaps.

Hmmm. Check the machine and everything true, so put on a "new" belt. About 5 minutes and "snap" again.

Went through 12 "new" belts getting the top flat and ready for the ROS. These were good Sun brand belts, but it seems that there is a shelf life on abrasive belts or at least the belt joints.

I look at my stock of abrasive belts and figure that there's $200 worth of abrasives that will go in the trash after a few minutes use.

Geez, and I had them nicely organized by grit value as well :b

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