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Re: Hockey Stick Tape Wrap *PIC*

William Duffield
I also use a hockey stick tape wrap. I use it on all my clamp handles: Bessey's, hand screws, F-clamps, Festool screw clamps, etc. It also improves the grip of my lump hammer, mattock, hatchets, froe and maul, wheel barrow, etc.

It is personal preference, but I do one flat wrap, overlapping half the width of the tape, then do the twisted cord wrap back to the other end, spacing closer than shown in the Cosman video, and do another flat wrap to completely cover the twisted cord. I probably use more tape per wrap than some people would think is frugal, but hockey tape is cheap, and I like the extra padding the three layer wrap provides.

In Canada, you can probably buy it at the grocery store :D , but around here I find it at Dick's Sporting Goods. AFAIK, REI and Cabela's do not carry it. I use 1" wide Renfrew brand cloth tape, in black, but it is available in many colors. If you buy it in bulk, it is less than $5 per 25 yard roll.

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