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I've used that stuff in other applications...
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Improving clamp handles ()

John in NM
We use it as added strain limiter on a bundle of optical fiber that gets moved around a lot at work. I also tried it as a quick and dirty radiator hose repair on my horrible old truck. It did so well there that I tested it to failure - roughly one month (I'd cleaned the hose very well before applying).

I don't worry a great deal about silicone oils as the stuff is not even remotely oily. It stays sticky for a short time and then bonds to itself - if the tape hasn't gotten dusty the bond is close to immediate. That said, it only takes a tiny amount of silicone oil to ruin a finishing project, so an excess of caution is not a bad plan at all.

For clamp handles I usually end up just spitting on my hands, in true cartoon cliche fashion. For now that still works :D

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