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Re: Seasonal Movement, Then and Now

John K Jordan
>>>Our coal furnace did not have a stoker, so Dad would get up at least once or twice to shovel coal through the night. In the morning, we stayed under the quilts until we could smell heat coming back into the house! That smell always had the light scent of coal to it, lol.

Ha, I grew up much like that too. The whole-house heat was a big cast iron grate above the furnace in the basement, banked at night with ashes then stoked in the morning. When it was sub-zero outside the heat in most of the house was just a suggestion. I suspect the wall insulation was old newspapers.

A glass of water left by the bedside would be frozen solid in the morning - the only upstairs heat was through holes cut in the floor with grates. Before school the bravest soul would run downstairs and stoke the banked coal in the living room fireplace then the others would grab their clothes and get dressed in front of the fire. Have to turn like a rotisserie to keep from getting too well done on one side and freezing on the other. Good clean living. I'm spoiled rotten now with heat and air in the shop.


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