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Anyone regularly move their big bench?

jesse cloud
I have an old school bench with two vises that weighs a ton (or it seems to when we lift it). In the past 15 years, since I built it, I have moved it only twice. But lately I have had to move it several times to accommodate projects, park a car in the shop/garage, etc.

So now I am wondering how to do this easily.

First thought was to put it on a stand with rollers, like my heavy machinery. But will that keep it stable when I'm handplaning, sawing, etc?

I don't have room for a hydraulic engine lift or a pallet sled.

I was wondering if maybe a jig could be made for a car jack to lift a side up and put a dolly under or something like that. The wife and I are getting too old to do the lifting ourselves.

Thanks in advance!

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