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bench top table saw
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Jerry Gibbs
I have a 10” bench top saw that uses a folding stand. I store it in a bench type shed along with other stuff. I get it out every time to use it. I think it cost $200. The saw rips fine. Crosscuttung is problematic. The miter slots are not standard and have tabs at the top of the slot rather than a tee type slot at the bottom. The tabs keep a miter gauge from tipping out but prevent making a cutoff sled. You will typically get a sloppy miter gauge with a cheap saw. You cannot buy a quality miter gauge or use one you have with undersized slots. I made a cutoff sled which uses the edge of the saw as a reference. I have extreme space issues in our Florida trailer so I cope. (Our boat is in the water 200’ away, so no tears needed). Just some thoughts.

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