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woodshop for rent

Hi all,

New to the page so not sure what type of response I'll receive, but had a question and thought this might be a good place to look. I am looking to get back into woodworking and have place to go that is equipped with the necessary tools to complete a project. I have some skills but still consider myself a novice. I took 3 years of woodshop in school and also have done projects outside of the class since a younger age. I am looking to see if anyone is looking to rent out their personal space on weekends, or if anyone knows of public space that is renting out a spot in their shops. I have looked at a few places in the area, but am unable to come across anything available on weekends. I live in the northwest chicago suburbs, if you're familiar Hoffman Estates, and if anyone local has any information I'm more than happy to hear it. Thanks for the help everyone.

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