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Barry Irby
I came close to going to my car and getting my LED flashlight and turning off the lights and checking it in the dark. I clearly should have, but it looked so good and felt so good even wet with water, I copped out. Won't happen again.

For years I have called the first coat of finish "The Reveal Coat" because it doesn't hide anything, it reveals the flaws. In this case, not so much. I recently changed out a bunch of my lights to t-8 fluorescents. There are about ten of them and they are turned at many angles. My friends lights are at least 12 feet off the floor and are banks of t-5's. Mine are less than 8' off the floor. I am wondering if the height made a difference or the fact that his are all parallel to each other.

Clearly would have been wise to at least finish with a sanding block parallel to the grain. Time to relearn.

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