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Attacking mother nature
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John K Jordan
I cut wild grape, honeysuckle, and poison ivy vines when I come across them in the woods. I use an machete. Some of the grape and poison ivy vines have been over 3" in diameter near the ground.

Poison ivy will climb a dead tree and send out horizontal branches so the tree looks green from a distance (until it decays enough to fall).

The honeysuckle does make interesting twisted sticks favored by walking stick and rustic furniture makers and smells great when in bloom but I still cut it when it starts to choke - the animals love to eat it and the vines are good for crafts.

I also fight privet and bush honeysuckle, mostly with the tractor or bobcat, dig them up by the roors. Death to privet. The only other growing thing I always attack is ailanthus. I've not tried herbicide on any of these invasives.



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