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Brian Holcombe
I like to look at a project in phases, and take a moment to mentally recalibrate at the end of each phase. It helps when the project is an endurance run rather than a sprint. It keeps me interested in the work as I continue to see the work as a series of completely different tasks. I gear up for and complete each task at a time.

For example; I've been building a QS white oak kitchen for quite some time now, clients are happy as can be as we've been doing it in stages of sections built then installed with time in between each section for other work. It's had some tough aspects to it but the job on the whole has been quite interesting to pursue.

The last stage has been a very large assembly of joined plywood (I joined it with mortise and tenon), it's very deep and in 18mm baltic birch ply. It's a hulking mass and just has been physically brutal on my light frame. I didn't enjoy making the boxes, but now that I'm on to the more detailed aspects of the work I very much enjoy it.

I've come to realize that in this line of work where every job is different, some days the bear will eat you (as they say), some days will be a slog, and some will be absolute successes. I have a process of dusting myself off, cleaning up the shop a bit, then proceeding toward a new aspect of the work creates a feeling of renewal that greatly helps towards keeping spirits high in my one man workshop.

I start each day by organizing my thoughts and I end each day with a cleaning of the shop and often enough sharpening of the tools. So, if nothing else I walk away from the shop without loose ends so that I can re-enter the shop the next day and begin again without carrying forward the previous day's issues.

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