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Re: I was thinking about that....

Dick Coers
I sterilize turning blanks in an old refrigerator. I have an electric hot plate, with a really big aluminum heat sink I got at the junk yard sitting on the element of the hot plate. Very easy to creep up to the 150 degrees. Some guys that build small kilns, use the heating element and controls from a scrap electric oven. They mount the element on a piece of aluminum plate to get more heating area. Some mount all that in a metal box inside the kiln, and put a fan behind it. Some just hang the plate in the air and put a fan behind it.
I wouldn't try to sterilize the entire stack at one time. Some plywood and shipping blankets make a nice insulated box, or rigid foam with screws and taped joints.
I'd also rip off all the sapwood and damage before you start.

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