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Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
Much of the timberland around here was farm land in the early 1900's that has reverted to timber. Grapes seeded in this regrowth and any following reforestation. If not controlled they will delay reforestration by decades by smothering young trees. When fast growing tress finally get above this mess the grapes follow them up the trunk. The last timberland we bought has about 10 acres of heavy grape infestation and many of the poplar have the top pulled out and most of the timber on the ground got toppled when the wind got in a tree with a canopy of grape. I have cut hundreds of these vines off the trees.

The State forester told me, "if you want to grow turkeys and grouse leave the grapes. If you want timber, be rid of them." Anyone is welcome to cut grape vines with me any time and they can become more acquainted with this choice.

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