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Re: Get rid of the Ivy but please give natives tho

Hank Knight
Diminishing habitat is a multi faceted problem. One surprising contributor is non-native trees. More often than not, people replace native trees with exotics, trees that are not native to the area. Native trees sponsor and support as many as 40 to 60 species of insects and plants that are food sources native birds and animals. The typical non-native replacement tree may support 2 or 3. It's hard to get people to replant native trees one their property. They are boring - we see them everywhere; they'er not particularly interesting, An exotic or non-native variety, on the other hand, is unique and fun. Municipalities plants tons of exotics in our public spaces for the same reasons. The effect of planting an exotic goes unnoticed until a few years down the line when one might comment, "You know, I haven't seen as many mockingbirds, grosbeaks or redheaded woodpeckers as I used to see when I was a kid. Wonder where they went."

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