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Keith Newton
The first good news, is that their all only in the sapwood of your White Oak, so your heartwood should be fine. Red Oak doesn't have the same insect resistance, so your lucky there.

If it's all 4/4, it should be fine to dead stack it by now if its had good air circulation . If you had some sawn thicker, you ought to cut into some so you can meter the inside.

Some of those critters are mainly interested in the wood while it is moist, so likely got in there right while the stack was new. I know you like to do things on the cheap, so check out how I deal with them. You might also add a internal meat thermometer that you drill a hole into the center of a board but the cable leads outside to the display. You can pick one up at Target for ~$15. It may take a week or two if it's cold outside the tented stack.

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